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EmanesMETAL records is officially born on 6/6/6
but since a very long time in our metallic minds.

EmanesMETAL records is an underground label in his purest form,
we will release only stuff that we are into,
It can be Heavy, Hard, Speed, Thrash, Death, Doom, Black METAL.

The only thing is that the music had to blow our heads off.
Other important statement : EmanesMETAL will always have
a strong preference for the mighty vinyl format cause It’s for us ...

the only real way to appreciate good music.


THRASHBACK "Night Of The Sacrifice" LP / CD

JUMALATION "The Church Of Isaac"CD

EAR DANGER "Warrior Soul"LP

DOOMLORD "Black Testament"CD

WITCHES "Agressive Symphony"LP

KING HEAVY/DOOMLORD "Authentic Metal Worship serie-VOL3" SPLIT LP

Doomlord - trailer